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…a person who introduces new methods, ideas, or products.


…showing or caused by strong feelings or a strong belief.


having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change it.

New Release | Gifted To Fight

If we look around our society, we see that fighting is rewarded or even deemed as a form of entertainment, but, we never see it as the results of what’s going on within. Fighting, on a physical level, only, comes from what has not been dealt with on a spiritual level. It takes confronting the deep parts of ourselves in order for healing to even begin. Gifted to fight is not aimed to teach how well a physical fight should be presented, but how you can fight through doubts, fears, weaknesses, temptations and so much more. These poetic words presented in this book, open the door to how persevering through trials and tribulations grants us the title of “Gifted to Fight”.

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Safiyah Givens is a creatively chosen woman who loves the Lord. At the age of 27 she decided to follow Christ. A couple years into her walk with Christ she became aware of her writing gift. Soon after she accepted her calling to write she started writing her first book of poetry which was release in 2014 call “She Speaks.” Since writing her first book she has released a spoken word CD “The Key” and a novella call “Unborn.” Safiyah has also hosted open mic events, volunteered for Interfaith hospitality Network, received a certification for volunteering at Hospice Compassionate Care, has been featured on the Jump Start Your Day blog and received certificates for recognition of authorship. She has a bachelors degree in Behavioral Analysis of Psychology, serves in the youth and media ministry, and has had an interview on the Sharvette Mitchell radio show. “She Speaks” has been featured in iMatter magazine twice. The “Unborn” has been featured in Amorespeaks magazine. Safiyah is currently blogging and raising two beautiful children.



" An author who loves to read, write, and to encourage others to embrace their light"

Safiyah Givens


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Unborn tells a story of a young girl who’s way was lost. Decisions were made out of immaturity and not enough wise counsel had been received. Going through the motions of life was all it was. To disregard life haphazardly not only affected her life but others as well. There was always a feeling of “there has to be something more”. Unfortunately, seeking for more was done the wrong way. Amazingly, somewhere in the midst of the storms (outward and inward), strength and a drive to want better arose. The only way she was able to find it was from the one who gave it to her, Jesus.

She Speaks

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Labor pains have increased tremendously with unforgiveness, shame, insecurities, and so forth. Time and time again wondering when the time comes to deliver the miracle of release. The release has come. Her truth has set her free. Testimonies no longer live in the dark. Being a voice to those who’s pain is on mute. Lighting a fire to your soul. These are the pieces of poetry that this book holds. May you capture every emotion that leaps off the page and let it sink deep into the longing of speaking your truth as her longing increased into She Speaks.

The Key


“The Key” is an album to inspire the soul and to provoke your thoughts to go in a different direction.

Genre: Spoken Word: Inspirational
Release Date: 2014

Featuring the following tracks:
1. Caged
2. Broken Silence
3. Lost Words
4. Freedom in Silence
5. The Epiphany
6. Rise

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